Want to stop underarm sweating

If you want to stop underarm sweating, then you can either get your doctor to write you out a prescription, or you can try one of the equally effective home remedies mentioned below. A good antiperspirant too can help, especially if it contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

If you are planning to go with your doctor’s recommendations, then you will probably be trying out oral medications that can stop underarm sweating, like Rubinol.  However, oral medications for controlling sweating contain anticholinergics, and if you use them for a long time them you may encounter blurred vision or dryness in your mouth. So that will leave you with iontophoresis, thoracis sympathectomy and botox injections.

Iontophoresis is a pain free medical procedure involving a light electric current, but its results are temporary.

Thoracis sympathectomy is a surgical procedure, which controls the nerves that lead to excessive sweating. The doctor will insert a tiny endoscopic instrument underneath your armpit, which will stop underarm sweating by destroying the nerve. Though an effective procedure, thoracis sympathectomy comes with a high risk factor, since the possible side effects of this procedure are respiratory problems, damage to your nerves and excessive sweating in some other part of your body.

The final medical treatment your doctor may recommend is botox, which can stop underarm seating by blocking the sweat pores.

If none of the above seems right for you, do not worry. There are a few home remedies that you may find very helpful.  Did you know that lemon juice can help stop underarm sweating? Rub some of it on your underarms before going to sleep and soon you can be free of both excessive sweating as well as body odor. Apple cider vinegar too is a good home remedy, but instead of leaving it on overnight like lemon juice, just dab some and keep for about 20 minutes. Or if you have a ripe tomato sitting in your refrigerator, make tomato pulp and apply on your underarms for about 15 minutes. If you can get hold of some walnut leaves and eucalyptus, grind them together into a smooth pastes and apply on your underarms.

Baking soda is also an excellent home remedy, since it is a fine absorbent of moisture. Add water to baking soda, mix in a few drops of lavender oil and you have your home made deodorizer ready. Start drinking a cup of sage tea every day and wearing comfortable cotton clothes and soon you will be able to stop underarm sweating naturally.

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