Natural Eczema Cures

Eczema skin conditions are fairly common. To-date there are no know cures for eczema however, natural old home remedies for eczema have been found to be effective in treating the condition. Symptoms of eczema include redness, dryness, itchnness, blisters, inflammation, and scaly or flaky skin. These symptoms can cover small areas or large areas of the body; they can also present as mile or moderate or extreme.

The causes of eczema are unknown however there are certain events that trigger eczema symptoms. These triggers include certain foods; allergic reactions not just to foods but also to metals and chemicals; hay fever; asthma; poor management of stress; bad circulation; other infections; sweating excessively; and more (particularly environmental conditions). Your medical history also plays a role in your predisposition for eczema as there seems to be a genetic relationship amongst families. Eczema skin conditions have been a problem for some time; natural old home remedies for eczema have been tried, and proven, over time to provide relief to sufferers.

There are a number of different eczema types, which include: Contact dermatitis ” a temporary eczema type related to allergies; Heurodermatitis ” itchy, dry skin that is related to stress; Atopic dermatitis ” usually|this can be} a lichtenoid eczema that seems to be genetic (runs in families) which is found a lot of often in folks with respiratory disorder or fodder fever; Dyshidrotic dermatitis ” irritated and inflamed skin on the hands or feet; Nummular eczema is known by its spherical, circular patches and is found most frequently in older adults; Sehorrheic eczema is a scalp condition that is also known as dandruff ” the scalp becomes dry and itchy and will spread if scratched; and Stasis dermatitis ” related to bad circulation, found on the lower legs (calves), dry, itchy, inflamed skin.

Eczema cannot spread through touch and it is not contagious (although some types of eczema can spread on your body if scratched, such as Seborrheic dermatitis). Since there are many causes, or triggers, of eczema, researchers have been unable to find a cure. However just as there are a number of triggers for eczema, there are also a number of remedies and treatments.

You can get commercial treatments for eczema; such as steroid creams, antibiotics, and UV radiation. However most of these treatments have a number of potentially serious side effects.

You can use natural old home remedies for eczema. Some of these include: salt soaks, white vinegar soaks, evening primrose oil, olive oil, lavender oil, plantain, aloe vera. It is also very important to wash the affected area with cool water (no hot water as it aggravates the condition), dry thoroughly and apply a no-alcohol, no-water moisturizer.

You also need to focus on preventing or avoiding what triggers eczema in you. What allergies provide the trigger? Are you allergic to caffeine? To peanut butter? To nickel (nickel seems to be a common trigger)? Do you have hay fever and does it trigger a change in your skin. Is stress a trigger? Learn to avoid the things you are allergic to and to reduce and manage your stress. Avoiding eczema triggers is a much more pro-active remedy then dealing with the results.

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