How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

While it’s fairly straightforward to cover a zaftig belly throughout winter, as summer approaches and wear gets lighter and smaller, it’s a lot of more durable to stay it hidden. It are often terribly frustrating to place on your swimming costume, solely to visualize that you simply have clearly placed on a couple of pounds around your middle.

The tummy is one of the most awkward places to put on weight. All of a sudden you have bulges hanging over your jeans, and your bikini just doesn’t fit you any more. Males and females are equally affected, and it is a source of frustration and discouragement for both.

It is also very embarrassing to wear clothes that reveal your bulging tummy. No one wants to have ‘love handles’ as they are sometimes called, bulging out for everyone to see. If you have a problem with excess tummy fat, don’t worry. There are some simple solutions that can help you lose pounds from around your waistline.

Not all belly fat comes from over-eating. There are other factors at work that can actually cause excess weight to be gained there, even if you do not over-eat. For example, both too little sleep at night, and stress will cause your body to start putting on weight around your middle. While the amount of calories and the amount of exercise you get do play a part too, they are not the only reason for belly fat.

A hormone in your body, cortisol, is responsible for the stress induced weight gain around your belly. When you are under a lot of stress, or not sleeping enough at night, the amount of cortisol in your body rises. Cortisol causes the fat cells around your middle to fill up first, before fat cells in other locations around your body. It is a natural response to stress, and the increased adrenalin levels your body produces if you feel stressed.

Of course, having sufficient exercise and eating healthful foods are also important when you are trying to lose weight, as the more calories you burn the faster the pounds will drop off, especially if you are also building muscle at the same time.

If you are depressed with having excess belly fat, don’t worry. There are ways to trim that fat, and the best way to start is to try to reduce stress levels in your life, and make sure you are getting sufficient rest. Just doing that, and making sure you are eating well and getting enough exercise, should help you to see results.

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