Healthy Weight Loss Basics

If you want to lose weight healthy you have to do it slowly, carefully and gradually. Your goal should not only be to lose weight but it should be to improve the body’s composition of lean muscle mass as opposed to body fat tissue. Muscle does weight more than fat and we could be achieving our goals without even losing any actual weight. Thus, judge your body improvement progress by the way you actually look and not in terms of what the bathroom scale says.

It was mentioned that healthy body improvement is something that should be done slowly. The reason for this is that our goal should be the increase of healthy muscle mass, which will in turn increase our body metabolism and its ability to use stored body fat for fuel. Now ladies, a little lesson in bio chemistry; because a woman is estrogen dominant, when women build muscles their skeletal muscle structures get denser, not bigger. Men get bigger when they build muscles because of testosterone, so by building muscles ladies you will not get big or butch. Rather you will get leaner, harder and sexier, which this article is assuming is what you are looking for.

The goal mentioned, of improved body composition is best achieved by a proper exercise program of 50 % aerobic and 50 % resistance training. Start at about three hours a week and build this up to around 7 hours a week. You can structure your training to short everyday sessions or longer sessions a few days a week. Try not to exercise longer than ninety minutes a session. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest in between. Your goal should be the loss of around two pounds of body fat a week. This should keep your body from going too catabolic, i.e. the process of the body using lean muscle tissue for fuel.

In keeping the spirit of healthy weight loss or rather improving body composition, you must, yes, you heard correctly, must eat plenty. Eat healthy whole grain carbohydrates and fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of lean protein and try cut out the saturated fats and simple sugars as much as you can. Supplement with plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids. Also, eat 4-6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 larger meals a day. You are aiming to build, yes to build a better body, and to do this you will need to provide your body with the building materials. Be patient and set your goals long term, i.e. six months to a year. Do not be impatient remember how long it took you to get out of shape and so healthy weight loss will also take a little time.

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