Artificial hair implants

Artificial hair implants are making a comeback in certain corners of the world.  They were outlawed in the US during the 1980’s but they can still be obtained in Asia and some countries in Europe.  India also seems to be showing a strong interest in these implants made by artificial methods.  The question that arises is one of safety and in particular whether or not the chances of infection can be alleviated.

In the US, artificial hair implants were taken off the market for just these concerns.  Whenever a foreign object pierces the skin there is a chance of infection.  Most people don’t know this, but the skin is our largest organ.  Its main function is to protect our delicate insides from attack by germs and bacteria.  It does this by creating a boundary that can not be permeated.

If you damage the skin, by cutting or burning, a scar will form to seal up the opening so these germs can’t enter.  This scar material works very well as a sealing agent.  The problem with artificial hair implants is the scar can not bond to the material the hair shafts are constructed of.  Thus, no matter how much scar material is produced, there is still a slight opening between the skin and the fake hair shaft.  This is a perfect conduit for the microscopic germs and bacteria.

Multiply this problem by the hundreds of hair implants a man needs to cover up his bald spot and you can see there is ample chance for infections.  This is exactly why they were taken off the market in America.  If you are looking for a way to treat your balding problems then visit the Hair Implants Guide and get the scoop on all the different options.  Instead of artificial hair implants I would recommend a hair piece or hair implants with real hair.  Both of them look quite natural and your hair implants will actually grow for years to come.

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