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When you’re stressed to the max, it’s time to drop down to your mat and engage in some seriously calming yin poses. Yin is a type of yoga that targets the deep muscle tissues of the body called fascia where trigger points (or knots) can form when you’re stressed. The deep stretches in yin work to release pain and tension in the fascia by holding passive postures for an extended period of time, allowing the fascia to soften and release.

Just like getting a massage, the physical tension releasing effects of yin yoga has a positive effect on our mental state, helping us to feel more relaxed and happy. Yin yoga postures can also be meditative, helping you to become present and bringing your nervous system into its calm rest and digest state, which allows stress and anxiety to melt away.

Use these yin yoga poses 1-2 times daily to relax and soothe your chronic stress.

Important Things to remember Before You do this Exercices :

Because they work deep into the muscle, yin postures can feel intense. This intensity should feel like when you are getting a deep tissue massage. Breathe through it.

*If you ever feel sharp pain, come out of the pose.

*For maximum benefits, practice your yin poses in a calm, quiet environment.

*The first few times you practice yin poses, you may periodically feel a bit antsy. Just come back to your breath and focus on surrendering to the moment.

*As you become more experienced with these poses, you can practice holding them longer.

7 Soothing Yin Yoga Poses to Calm Anxiety

The 7 pose : Butterfly | 2 mins

Sit on your mat and bring the soles of your feet to touch, allowing your knees to open like a butterfly. The closer your heels are to your body, the deeper the stretch will feel.

Take an inhale as you lengthen your spine, then exhale to walk your hands forward as far as it feels comfortable.

Relax your chin down towards your chest and relax your arms and shoulders. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep inhales and exhales to release tension. Then, find a natural breath as you hold for at least two minutes.

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